Sample Letter if you know Jesse

*****Please mail letters to Governor Northam directly**********

——————————Sample Letter————————————–

The Honorable Ralph Northam
Office of the Governor
Patrick Henry Building, 3rd Floor
1111 East Broad Street
Richmond, VA 23219

Your name and contact information here
Place and date

Subject: Character Letter for Jesse Crosson #1086343

Dear Governor Northam,

1. In the first paragraph you will introduce yourself. Full name, age and occupation. Also include your relation to Jesse and how long you have known him.

2. In the second paragraph state that you know what Jesse’s charges are (robbery, abduction and unlawful wounding from a robbery and unrelated shooting). Please talk about how these events impacted your life.

3. In the third paragraph talk about how his incarceration has affected you and your thoughts on how it has affected Jesse. Do you believe he has learned his lesson?

4. In the fourth paragraph talk about changes he has made and his potential to success in the world. Please include any support you’re willing to offer (housing, employment or even a shoulder to cry on)

5. In this last paragraph close out the letter and invite the governor to contact you for more information, using the number or information above.

Respectfully submitted,

Your Name

This is just a suggested model. Feel free to use and format or information you feel best represents your views and perspective.