Sample Letter if you do not know Jesse

*****Please mail letters to Governor Northam directly*******

—————————Sample Letter————————————–

The Honorable Ralph Northam
Office of the Governor
Patrick Henry Building, 3rd Floor
1111 East Broad Street
Richmond, Va 23219

Your name and contact info here
Place and date

Subject: Support Letter for Jesse Crosson – #1086343

Dear Governor Northam,

1. Please introduce yourself. Full name, age and occupation.

2. Please state that you know what Jesse’s charges are (robbery/abduction, unlawful wounding, and related charges).

3. Please talk about what aspect(s) of Jesse’s case draws your support . Some suggestions:

  • Jesse being sentenced to twice the high point of the sentencing guidelines.
  • Jesse having served the recommended high point of 16 years.
  • The fact that Jesse was 18 at the time he committed his crimes.
  • His volunteer work with others.
  • His educational accomplishments.
  • His acceptance of responsibility and work toward health and sobriety.
  • His history.

4. Please mention why you believe in Jesse and any support you could offer him if released. This can include housing, volunteer opportunities, emotional support, etc…

5. Please close the letter and encourage the governor to contact you with any questions he may have.


Your Name

This is just a suggested modelFeel free to use and format or information you feel best represents your views and perspective.