What you can do to help

Write a letter supporting Jesse’s petition

Jesse has to show why HE is different, why HE meets the “extraordinary circumstances” clause for clemency, as opposed to all the other 37,000+ prisoners in Virginia prisons.  Mainly he should be given an exception because 1) he received a sentence that was twice the recommended high point of the sentencing guidelines and 2) his growth, accomplishments and work for others while he has been in prison.

He needs you to write a letter of support commenting on the exceptional nature of his appeal for clemency. Because this process is so personalized, a petition or form letter to sign may not be persuasive. Arguing that judges must follow the guidelines or arguing for prison reform may help, but doesn’t differentiate Jesse from everyone else. We have included Sample Letters for those who know Jesse and Sample Letters for those who only know Jesse through his friends and family.

If you don’t know Jesse, but would like to or would like to ask him any questions, you can contact him through JPay.com or by mail at

Jesse Crosson #1086343
Buckingham Correctional Center
PO Box 430
Dillwyn, Va 23936

If you have any questions or need assistance, please email us at justiceforjesse4@gmail.com. 

Thank you!