Write to Jesse

If you would like to write to Jesse, there are two ways.

You can email with Jesse using the website: www.JPay.com

Go to the web address – https://www.jpay.com/

  • The first step is go to the area on the home page to Sign up.
  • To find Jesse select the state – Virginia and his Inmate ID 1086343
  • When you select Next, Jesse’s name will display.
  • Once you select his name, you will setup your account.
  • JPay charges to email Jesse. You can buy stamps on the site for $0.25 each.

The second method is regular US Postal mail:

As of October 9th, Jesse was transferred to a new facility. His new mailing address is:
Jesse Crosson 1086343
Coffeewood Correctional Center
P.O. Box 500
Mitchells, VA 22729

If you want to write a letter supporting Jesse’s petition, there are several sample letters and copies of actual letters sent in the Clemency, Parol and Pardons tab. Take a look at the top menu bar and select from the drop down in that tab. Thank you!!