Prisoners have a lot of experience being quarantined or sheltered in place. At least four weeks per year we are locked in our cells. We get showers every three days.

Despite this, I come to look forward to lockdowns. They are a chance to recharge. Having no access to the phone or kiosk, I have quiet days to meditate, read and write. I have time to look out the window and really pay attention. It’s a time to come back to what’s important.

I don’t remember what life is like out there. My daily stresses and obligations are much smaller than most who will read this. These are scary times for us all. There is a lot we have no choice and no control over. We’re all worried about those we love, about our economic security and about the great unknown.

My goal is to focus on the things I can do and take this opportunity to find that center that will hold, even when the world is falling apart.