Loss of Touch

We are all losing a lot during this pandemic. Lately I’ve been thinking about the loss of touch.

During the first nine months of my incarceration I was in the local jail and didn’t touch another person. I didn’t realize the effect it was having on me.

After sentencing I was sent to a DOC reception center where I could receive contact visits. Being able to hug my friends and family again made me feel alive. It made me feel real.

Over the past 17 1/2 years I’ve gotten used to cramming all of my physical contact into the one or two visits I receive each month. Now visits are cancelled indefinitely and we’re all in the same boat.

I encourage everyone to share and to grieve the things we’ve lost and our needs that aren’t being met. We can only move forward by acknowledging and processing these losses. Grieving the end of what was will allow us to make the best of what is.

We will be able to come together again one day. We will be able to hug and dance and love. It will be amazing.