Groundhog Day

People keep saying quarantine is like Groundhog Day. What can the movie teach us?

Bill Murray’s predicament and antics are funny. Stuck in the same routine he tries various approaches. Hedonism is fun but empty. Chaos is cool but gets boring. He fails spectacularly over and over. He loses hope. He can’t take it anymore so he tries to end it all.

After beating his head against the wall, Bill Murray realizes there is no escaping the way things are. What does he do next? He decides to live well.

He learns to ice sculpt. He plays piano. He opens his heart to beauty and art. He falls in love.

It’s a movie about finding hope in hopelessness. It’s about making the best of situations we can’t control. When he stops fighting and lives in the moment he’s freed from his prison.

All of us on quarantine and all of us in our various prisons could learn a lot from the movie.